FedSafes is a GSA Approved manufacturer of security containers that provide for the secure storage and protection of the following items:

  • Cash, checks, precious metals, etc.
  • Ammunition, weapons, ordnance, arms room keys.
  • Drugs, controlled substances, pharmaceuticals, chemicals.
  • Classified:documents, equipment, electronic devices, information processing systems, materials.
  • Evidence.
Class 5 Safe

2 Drawer

  • Locking Function Available with either single or multiple X-10™ or S&G 2740B locks.
  • Safe colors




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Class 5 Safe

4 Drawer

  • Locking Function Available with either single or multiple X-10™ or S&G 2740B locks.
  • Safe colors




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Class 5 Safe

IPS Safes

  • Locking Function Available with either X-10 or S&G 2740B safe lock.
  • Safe colors


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Government, Private & corporate


Class 5 rated GSA Approved Security Containers are only available in Two & Four Drawer configuration, legal size width, and single or multi lock design. They come with a safe lock that meets Federal Specification FF-L-2740.


FedSafes Class 5 Security Containers are used in all U.S. Government facilities including: Diplomatic, DoD, medical, law enforcement etc.

Private & Corporate

FedSafes Class 5 Security Containers are used in all defense contractor facilities along with hospitals, research labs, medical clinics, dental and veterinary offices, guard services, law firms, data warehouses, corporate retail, financial groups, etc.

Offline Storage

IPS Safes are designed for the closed-door operation of your computer equipment.

These containers provide for the unmanned, online operation of computers, network servers, and workstations that process highly sensitive proprietary corporate trade secrets and all types of classified information and data.

Climate Controlled Servers

-All IPS safes can be outfitted with custom interior sizing in order to meet specific end user equipment applications
-Fedsafes' IPS safes do not have awkwardly positioned air ducts that break up the usable interior space in the top left and right corners.
-Fedsafes' IPS safe air ducts are continuous and located on the bottom of the safe interior, providing a uniform and usable interior space dimension.
-IPS safes come with air filters that fit into the air intake shroud.

Protect against hacks & data breaches

-All IPS safes have standard rack mounts.
-Slide out shelves, fixed shelves and adjustable shelves are available.
-High security cable and conduit port provides indirect entry into the IPS safe interior for all connectivity requirements.
-Optional cable and conduit junction box (secure with padlock and hasp) with blind mounts fit over the cable and conduit entry port.

Fedsafes Benefits

Why choose Fedsafes for your GSA Approved safe?

Best Prices

FedSafes has the best prices in the industry. We will beat any competitor’s pricing.

Expedited Delivery

FedSafes standard delivery time frame is 30 to 40 days with expedited shipping occurring in 18 days AT NO EXTRA CHARGE!

Expert Pre-sales

FedSafes’ President has over 30 years experience in security and speaks directly with each client. An online, electronic proposal system allows you to easily forward information to colleagues and approve instantaneously.

Cheapest Shipping

FedSafes’ overall shipping weight, your proximity to FedSafes, and our freight carrier network will lower all costs.

Made In The U.S

We design and build our high security containers 100% in America.

Exceeds Federal Specifications

Corner bracing on the interior of each safe offers a second layer of high security, enhanced-forced entry resistant protection. This unique feature combined with our AR500 armor plate steel body creates a product that no competitor can match. Our special blend, textured powder coat paint guarantees excellent adhesion, superb scuff resistance and prevents oxidation.