Class 6 security containers are GSA approved, they are required for the secure storage and protection of classified documents.
Offers protection for 30 man-minutes against covert entry and 20 man-hours against surreptitious entry.  Class 6 containers have no forced entry requirement.
An X-10™ safe lock that meets Federal Specification FF-L-2740A must be used on the GSA Security Container when the contents are rated confidential, secret or top-secret material.
Safe colors – gray, black or parchment.

Map & Plan interior accessories:
Security locker, inside dimensions 11.25"h. x 17.75"w. x 31"d.(maximum amount of four (4) fit in a vertical array). Group 2 mechanical safe lock on hinged door.
Correspondence Drawer, 11 9/32" H., steel ball bearing roll-out drawer slides.
Shallow Drawer: 4 7/8" H. (9 drawers fit in cabinet) steel drawer on steel ball bearing roll-out drawer slides.
Adjustable shelves.
Vertical channels, quantity of four (4), to support interior options.
Plan Hold Rack and assembly (set of 16).
Shallow Drawer inserts.
Regular drawer inserts.
Cross Trays.
Class 6, Map & Plan Safe, Size 1
Description Weight Dimensions
GSA Container, Class 6, Size 1, Map & Plan Container.
National Stock Numbers:
NSN# 7110-00-931-0771 (Gray)
NSN# 7110-01-019-0408 (Black)
NSN# 7110-01-024-5958 (Parchment)
Shipping Wt. 1050 lbs.
(less pallet)
Exterior Dimensions:
53.25”h x 22.5”w x 39.25”d
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NSN# 7110-00-931-0771  - Class 6, Map & Plan Container, Size 1, Gray
NSN# 7110-01-019-0408  - Class 6, Map & Plan Container, Size 1, Black
NSN# 7110-01-024-5958  - Class 6, Map & Plan Container, Size 1, Parchment

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