Drawer head removal – replacement instructions

When replacing your Drawer Head, please consult the instructions below & don’t hesitate to get in touch with any questions.

In order to conduct the activity for your efficiency & security the following must be done:

1. FedSafes will ship you your specified Control Drawer Head in a shipping box(es) that measure 12.25″x24.25″x18.

2. The safe lock(s) is set on a default 50-25-50 combination prior to shipping the drawer head.

3. Remove the existing on site Control Drawer Head(s) from the Drawer Assembly (drawer body) by undoing a quantity of two (2) sheet metal screws on each side of the Control Drawer Head. (Attached is a sample photo showing the two screws on each side of the drawer head that attach the drawer head to the drawer body).

NOTE: the Control Drawer Head weighs about 36 lbs. use extreme caution lifting drawer head!

Remove the replacement Control Drawer Head(s) from the shipping box and install the same way the existing one was secured to the Drawer Body.

4. IF RETURNING THE EXISTING CONTROL DRAWER HEAD: Read and reference the Control Drawer Head Packing Instructions found here.
Place the Control Drawer Head in the custom drawer head shipping box, pack it and the foam as instructed, close the box, seal securely with shipping tape, apply shipping label to exterior, ship the box ASAP.

Description of REPAIRS / work activity FedSafes offers:
Upon receipt of the Control Drawer Head, FedSafes can conduct the following activities:

  • The safe lock, drawer handle, linkage, springs, fasteners, and bolts removed / replaced.
  • Lockbox analysis – repairs – welds – replacement.
  • New lockbox welded into place, touch up paint applied, and all the drawer head hardware & safe lock repaired – replaced – re-installed.
  • Work confirmation sticker applied to side of lockbox.
  • After price is determined and method of payment confirmed FedSafes will then re-pack the Control Drawer Head and ship it back to the POC so it can be re-installed or inventoried.

Once again the reminder that:
All information pertaining to your GSA Approved Security Container activities is of course on a need to know basis and confidential to protect U.S. national security.

Thank you very much.