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About Fedsafes
Are Fedsafes security containers GSA approved?
YES - Fedsafes Class 5, 2 & 4 drawer containers were GSA approved in April 2010. The Class 6 containers that Fedsafes sells are also GSA approved brands. All GSA containers have approved safe locks & are inspected by a GSA Security Container Inspector.

Fedsafes containers have been rigorously tested to meet & exceed GSA standards. Checked out some videos of our containers going through the drawer cycle test & a 30' drop test.

Does Fedsafes have a GSA Security Container Inspector onsite?
Yes - all GSA safes are inspected.

What types of clients does Fedsafes have?
We have clients in the military, federal government, educational institutions & commercial entities. We ship containers anywhere in the world.

How long has Fedsafes been in business?
Fedsafes was established in 2010. The owners have been in the security business for over 22 years. They know GSA containers well, which is why they were able to recognize the need for better designed & better priced containers.

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About GSA Safes

What is the difference between Class 5 safe & Class 6 safe?
Class 6 safes are used for the storage of documents, maps & drawings. They provide protection against 30 minutes of covert entry & 20 hours of surreptitious entry. Class 5 safes are used for the storage of documents, weapons, drugs, funds, sensitive materials & equipment. Class 5 safes have the same covert & surreptitious entry protection as class 6 safes but they also protect against 10 minutes of forced entry.

Can I use any safe with a GSA approved safe lock on it to store my classified materials?
If you are storing classified materials & documents you must use a GSA approved security container.

My GSA container contains top-secret materials what type of safe lock do I require?
If the contents are classified as confidential, secret or top secret then the GSA approved safe must have an approved safe lock such as an X-10™ or S&G 2740 which meets Federal Specification FF-L-2740A.

What colors are Fedsafes containers available in?
All GSA approved containers are available in gray, black or parchment.

Are Fedsafes containers new or refurbished?
Fedsafes Class 5, 2 & 4 drawer safes are all brand new containers & are manufactured in the USA. All other containers are available new or refurbished. All containers are GSA approved.

I'm locked out of my GSA container what can I do?
1. Review the Kaba-Mas reference guide for basic information on your X-10™ safe lock. Still locked out...
2. Contact Kaba-Mas Technical Support at 800-950-4744 or contact Fedsafes at 1-888-525-6352. The DoD Lock program also has their own technical support hotline (800) 290-7607, (805) 982-1212, DSN: 551-1212.

How do I change the combination on my X-10™ lock?
You may find the X-10™ quick reference guide useful. If you still require assistance contact Kaba-Mas Technical Support at 800-950-4744 or Fedsafes at 1-888-525-6352.

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About Shipping

Do you ship to APO's?
YES - we ship to APO's worldwide

Do you ship international?

My building has no loading dock, what are my options?
We will work with you directly to work out the best approach for your delivery. If you need to have the container delivered inside your building & upstairs we can accommodate for this.

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When is payment required?
Payment is required once you approve your proposal. Once we receive your payment (or a purchase order for billing customers) we will ship your safe to you.

Do you accept government purchase cards?

Can you bill us?
YES - if you're not already set up for billing with us we can send you a credit application.

How can I pay for my safe?
We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Government purchase cards, cash, checks & also billing.

Can you recommend a locksmith to open my GSA safe?
Federal Lock & Safe is our locksmith of choice in the metro DC area. Outside of the metro DC area we would suggest contacting a Kaba-Mas certified locksmith you can check out a map of certified locksmiths HERE.

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We sell & support Class 5 safes, Class 6 safes, GSA containers, with X-10™ locks, & all our safes are GSA approved safes. We have a variety of sizes including many different four and two drawer safes.
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