Drawer Heads

FEDSAFES offers replacement drawer heads!
Does your facility have a GSA Approved Security Container that has a removable control drawer head (the drawer with a safe lock attached to it) that has been:

  • Opened by drilling into the safe lock?
  • Opened by hole sawing the drawer head bolts?
  • Opened by cutting the drawer head bolts with a circular saw abrasion cutting disc / blade?
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Any of the above opening methods are accepted & recommended GSA Security Container neutralization & repair procedures (i.e., opening lockouts & malfunctions & making repairs) as detailed in Federal Specification FED-STD-809A, which requires complete compliance if the GSA safe is going to maintain integrity as a GSA Approved Security Container.

Any unauthorized repairs not specified in FED-STD-809A will result in the GSA Security Container losing its GSA Approved label.

FedSafes GSA Approved Original Equipment Manufacturer replacement drawer heads allow end users to maintain the complete security integrity of their security containers after the original drawer head(s) have been opened – neutralized according to FedSpec FED-STD-809A.

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