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All Fedsafes GSA Containers Include OPEN / CLOSED Magnets
NISPOM 5-303 - Effective October 1, 2012
Need to change your X-10 Lock Combination?
Fedsafes at the Force Protection Equipment Demonstration (FPEDVIII)
A New Supplier in the GSA Approved Security Container Market
What are GSA Approved Class 5 Safes & why do I need one?

All Fedsafes GSA Containers Include OPEN / CLOSED Magnets

Open / closed magnets are used on GSA safes to ensure that the contents of the container are secured at all possible times.  If you require a special size safe or a 2, 4 or 5 drawer safe then your Fedsafes container will have a magnet for each drawer with a lock.  Magnets are free with all purchased Fedsafes containers.

NISPOM 5-303 - Use of Non-GSA Approved Security Containers, Effective Oct 1, 2012.

From October 1, 2012 all classified material must be stored in a GSA Approved Security Container or in a closed area storage facility if a container is unsuitable or impractical.  Non-GSA Approved Containers such as lock bar containers or fire proof safes cannot be used.  For further information please refer to NISPOM paragraph 5-303.

Need to change your X-10 Lock Combination?

If you have a GSA Container that contains classified documents, equipment or materials then your container may have an X-10 safe lock or another lock that meets Federal Specification FF-L-2740A.  Kaba-Mas, the Manufacturers of the X-10 safe lock do provide a quick reference guide on how to operate X-10 locks including information on how to change your lock combo.  Check out their quick reference guide HERE.

Fedsafes at the Force Protection Equipment Demonstration (FPEDVIII)

Every two years one of the largest security equipment demonstration events takes place in Stafford, VA.  The event is co-sponsored by the U.S. DoD.  FPED is open to military members, federal civilian employees, federal contractors in the force protection field, state and local officials, and selected foreign officials. It is not open to the general public.  If you are a physical security decision maker with a federal department, agency or federal contractor you shouldn't miss this event!    FPED will be held on 17-19 May 2011 at the Stafford Airport, Stafford, VA.

A New Supplier in the GSA Approved Security Container Market

In April 2010 Fedsafes was awarded GSA approval for their new design of Class 5 Security Containers.  Fedsafes is now GSA approved for their Class 5, 2 & 4 drawer models with either single or multiple safe locks.

Class 5 Security Containers are utilized for the storage of classified documents & materials.  They are widely used by the US federal government, the military & also private sector entities that contract to these government agencies.

"We are excited about delivering better designed & American made containers to the market at competitive prices.  This is a superior product.  I am confident that government & military agencies will be very pleased that there are now more options available to them from Fedsafes in choosing a GSA Security Container at a tremendous price."

Michael Groves
Vice President
Fedsafes, Inc.

About Fedsafes

Fedsafes was established in 2010 after identifying a need to provide better designed & American-made GSA Approved Security Containers at very attractive prices.  Fedsafes is a certified small business serving our nation's security needs, based in Arlington VA & is owned by brothers Michael Groves & Peter Groves.  Mike & Pete have been in the security business for over 22 years providing locksmith services, electronic security solutions & physical security solutions in the metro DC area through their company Federal Lock & Safe. Inc.

What are GSA Approved Class 5 Safes & Why Do I Need one?

If you're from a government agency or military branch or you are a contractor to one of these entities, then you may have been audited. As a result you may now be required to store your classified documents, weapons or materials in a GSA Approved Security Container.  GSA Containers can be rated either Class 5 or Class 6 depending on the level of security required.

Security Containers are large safes or cabinets. The most common ones have drawers or they look like large filing cabinets.  The difference between a normal filing cabinet & a security container is that the latter is built to withstand covert, forced & surreptitious entry.  Each container must have a GSA Approved Safe Lock that meets Federal Specification FF-L-2740A.  Containers are made from thick reinforced steel.  The lock is surrounded by specially-constructed hard plate.

The most common approved safe lock is the X-10; you will find this digital lock on most of the GSA Approved Safes available.  A new S&G safe lock has also recently been approved & meets FF-L-2740A.

If you're required to obtain a Class 5 safe rather than a Class 6 it is because your documents, weapons or materials require more secure storage.  Class 5 Safes have protection for 30 man-minutes against covert entry and 10 man-minutes against forced entry and 20 man-hours against surreptitious entry.  Class 6 Containers do not have a forced entry requirement.

There are different types of Class 5 Safes.  The most common are the Class 5 safes with either 2 or 4 drawers.  These safes are purchased with one approved lock or multiple locks.  Class 5 safes are available in grey, black or parchment finishes.  There are also general-purpose cabinets, weapons containers & IPS/ Comsec safes available that are class 5 rated.

If you need to purchase a GSA Approved Class 5 Security Container, always talk to an expert.  They will ensure that you get the correct safe to meet your requirements.

Class 5 safes from Fedsafes are backed with over 22 years of deep experience with safes & GSA Containers, as well as securing government, military & commercial organizations.
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