What are GSA Approved Class 5 Safes & Why Do I Need one?

If you’re from a government agency or military branch or you are a contractor to one of these entities, then you may have been audited. As a result you may now be required to store your classified documents, weapons or materials in a GSA Approved Security Container. GSA Containers can be rated either Class 5 or Class 6 depending on the level of security required.

Security Containers are large safes or cabinets. The most common ones have drawers or they look like large filing cabinets. The difference between a normal filing cabinet & a security container is that the latter is built to withstand covert, forced & surreptitious entry. Each container must have a GSA Approved Safe Lock that meets Federal Specification FF-L-2740A. Containers are made from thick reinforced steel. The lock is surrounded by specially-constructed hard plate.

The most common approved safe lock is the X-10; you will find this digital lock on most of the GSA Approved Safes available. A new S&G safe lock has also recently been approved & meets FF-L-2740A.

If you’re required to obtain a Class 5 safe rather than a Class 6 it is because your documents, weapons or materials require more secure storage. Class 5 Safes have protection for 30 man-minutes against covert entry and 10 man-minutes against forced entry and 20 man-hours against surreptitious entry. Class 6 Containers do not have a forced entry requirement.

There are different types of Class 5 Safes. The most common are the Class 5 safes with either 2 or 4 drawers. These safes are purchased with one approved lock or multiple locks. Class 5 safes are available in grey, black or parchment finishes. There are also general-purpose cabinets, weapons containers & IPS/ Comsec safes available that are class 5 rated.

If you need to purchase a GSA Approved Class 5 Security Container, always talk to an expert. They will ensure that you get the correct safe to meet your requirements.

Class 5 safes from Fedsafes are backed with over 30 years of deep experience with safes & GSA Containers, as well as securing government, military & commercial organizations.